How to enrol?

To join or renew your subscription, you must be in procession of a valid identity card. Miners have to present a parental authorization to join the library. (Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult to join).The parents are responsible for all loans taken out by a miner.

All request for reduced tariffs, must be accompanied by a justification ( Assedic, Handicap card etc…)

Conditions for loans

Loan duration (max): 3 weeks for 3 books + 1 magazine (you must have your card with you). Renewable once
Note! You are responsible for you card. In case of theft, inform us as soon as possible.

Opening hours

The library is open:

  • – Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm
  • – Friday from 4pm to 7pm

The library is closed from 16th August to 31 August and during the Christmas holidays

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Subscription – children

– Free up until 18yrs old (for Baerenthal, Mouterhouse, Philippsbourg and Eguelshardt)
Inscription form can be downloaded (in french)

Subscription – adult

– Residents : 5.10 €
– Outwith the commune : 10.25 €
– Handicap, unemployed etc… – free

Other tariffs

group cards (schools …) – free

Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez télécharger
For more information download (in french)

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The “Insolivres”

– During the first half of June a major departmental event, “the Insolivres” invites you to participate in lectures, performances and meetings organised outside the walls of the library in unusual places such as the village square, a barn, a garden, a forest, a swimming pool or on a bus… The library invites the readers to find the books where we don’t normally expect to find them. Supported by the Moselle General Council, these multiple events are free and are open to everyone.

“Read in festivity (Lire en Fête)….all over Moselle!”

Every year in October, there are exhibitions, performances, storytelling, walks, meetings with the author, etc…… By means of this departmental event, books and literature are celebrated by entertainment.
Supported by Moselle General Council, these events are free and open to every one

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6 rue de l’Ecole

Tel. : 03 87 06 26 48
Fax : 03 87 06 26 48

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