Karlsruhe Youth Centre

The Centre which is open all year can cater for 250 people on full board. The buildings are spread over more than 10 hectares of land and within a stone’s throw of the forest. It is situated on the outskirts of the village.

The youth centre welcome groups from all over Europe, for holidays, nature studies or seminars. There is a choice of accommodation: chalets, bungalows and detached apartments. The rooms or dormitories have 1 to 15 beds.

They also have a self-catering house called ‘La Famille’ equipped with a kitchen but you can also benefit from the catering service at the centre.

Numerous extras are at your disposal: 6 conference rooms for seminars or nature studies, a gym, a sauna, and sport areas (football, volleyball, bowling, ping pong tables, basketball etc.)

The tariffs vary depending on the stay that you have chosen. You can contact us for more information.

Download map of the centre


Director : Mrs Sophie DELALANDE

Centre de Jeunesse
2, place Robert Schumann

tel : (33) 03 87 06 50 38
fax : (33) 03 87 06 56 49

E-mail : info@baerenthal.org

Website : www.baerenthal.org

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