Planète Jeunes

Under the name “Planète Jeune”, the communes from Baerenthal, Eguelshardt, Mouterhouse and Philippsbourg organize different socio-educational activities for the young generation.

Since 2002, youth leaders has been employed and the 1st leisures centres (CLSH) labelled Planete Jeunes were organized at first during the summer holidays and later on during all other holidays too.

Other activities are also organized e.g. Ski outings, cinema evenings, etc…

Planète Jeunes also organize extra-curricular school activities – before and after school and on Wednesdays.



Planète Jeunes

Mairie de Baerenthal
1 rue Printemps d’Alsace -57230 BAERENTHAL

Tel : 03 87 06 62 30

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